Your say – black hole on Bulga Rd

Dear Editor


We live at Wherrol Flat and have no mobile coverage either. But a tower has been erected at Wherrol Flat several months ago. It was an election promise from Dr Gillespie. However it has not been connected and  Dr Gillespie is unable to explain why and when it will be operating.

My partner rang the council after getting no information from either the MP or Telstra. The council gave him a number which was a Telstra operator in the Philippines. That operator rang Australia and found the information which he was able to give to us! Amazing!

The story is that the tower will not be up and running until at least Christmas but don’t hold your breath because the power has to be connected to it. Dr Gillespie’s office had absolutely no knowledge of this even though the tower was a vote catcher for him in this area.


Sue Crellin and Jim McMillan

Wherrol Flat



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