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Wow, you see some interesting things when you collect. I visited Don and Kate at Antique Solutions (opposite Taree Railway Station) a couple of days ago. A new entry had arrived. Don and Kate had displayed a set of leather saddle bags from the pack horse era. They were large bags all set on their padded mounts and Don had produced a display unit for them to sit on for authenticity.

Not only did they have the leather saddle bag set, but there was another set with two large metal water containers (about four gallons each), again, with their padded mounts. Lovely, lovely! They had come, many years ago, from an outback cattle station. They were absolutely wonderful, both as a piece of Australian history and as a great display.

I thought to myself, I would love to own those, but he who hesitates is lost. I went back into the shop the very next day and they were gone. A couple travelling through from North Queensland to Victoria had bought them. The saddle bags had only lasted two hours after their arrival at the shop. They were gone!

My lesson; when you see something you love – grab it quick, you may never see another. These were two, very unique pieces.

Another unique piece, that I picked up many years ago, is pictured with this article. It is a hall marked sterling silver trophy. The recipient was a golfer and the inscribed information reads :-

Miss B. Walker
Hole in One
7th Hole at Eastern Golf Club
131 yard – 28th Aug. 1936

The neat part about this trophy is that it has a slide mechanism in the stem which allows the top to open up revealing the original ball that was used for the Hole in One.  I love this little trophy with its secret compartment and the fact that it must have been such a proud moment for Miss B. Walker to have such a quality and expensive trophy presented.

I’m still waiting for my Hole in One, but I don’t think I can outdo my brother who in his early years achieved the feat on a Par Four at Muree Golf Course at Raymond Terrace.

I recommend collecting to all. Find the category that suits you or take the plunge and collect a wide variety of unique and interesting treasures or limit yourself to one area. It is always fun and can be profitable.

If you have items you are not sure of, I may be able to help with information, appraisals or sales. I love looking at old and interesting pieces.

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