Greyhound Racing – Letter to the Editor

In your paper the Manning Community News, you have an article on greyhound racing in Taree. Some of the facts that you stated are false, and have been distributed by the media recently, as a means to shut greyhound racing down.  Greyhound racing has been in Taree for 60 years. I have been personally training for 40 years, and I believe that the majority of owners and trainers are decent and respectable people, who care a great deal about their dogs. Gambling being a problem, does not just come from greyhound racing. The program on 4 Corners was horrific, and it shocked me and a majority of the industry participants. The1% that were involved in this barbaric incident were rightly prosecuted and banned from the sport, as there is no place for these people within our sport. A lot of greyhounds are found new homes by the owners or trainers themselves, so no records are kept by authorities, so as to know how many survive. The new track would employ a manager, a groundsman, vets, and kiosk people, all from the local community.

Roxanne Farrell

(The figures in the story came from the same source other media outlets have quoted – The industry regulator, Greyhound Racing NSW, in a submission to the Special Commission of Inquiry into the Greyhound Racing Industry in NSW. March 2016 – Ed.)

See also report from the RSPCA




















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