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Collect the past to invest for your future.

Many people of the Manning Great Lakes areas will be saddened by the loss of a nearby resource. The biggest Antique Centre in Newcastle has closed its doors, not because of lack of interest or sales, but because the site is to be redeveloped as part of the new Hunter Street precinct. Their lease wasn’t renewed. The Centenary Antique Centre, situated in the heart of the C.B.D. had been open for twenty-one years. It is sad to see its demise as it was a wonderful centre and a great place to discover a precious find. It leaves only one large Centre, in Newcastle, The Coliseum, on Maitland Road in Mayfield. About thirty dealers display and sell their wares.

We are lucky in the Manning, as we have a number of interesting locations to discover new wares. Kate and Don at Olympia Antique Solutions opposite the Taree Railway Station, Barry, at Isadora’s Antiques in Victoria Street, The Valley Fair, also Victoria Street, Taree, Belle and Neville at Old Cinema Antiques in Pulteney Street, Jenny and Eric’s Coins, Records, Collectables near Brown’s Creek Bridge, Liz at Mal’s Toy Store in Chatham – now with antiques and collectables, Sue and Anna at Delinquent Funk, Isabella Street Wingham and Grant Ford in the old produce store in Wingham now called Collectibles By Design. It was sad to hear that Bronwyn at Manning Collectables in Manning Street will be closing soon to take on new adventures. Add some of these places to your rounds and I hope you enjoy the search as much as I do.

Also, on the 17th April, 2016, 10am start, there will be a really interesting collection of items going up for sale at a big Clearance Auction at Taree Showground. It is my auction – I am dispersing some of my thirty years of finds. Now I am retired, the kids and Jenny are saying “You need to cull all those sheds!” So, it is time. Keep an eye out for advertising as it gets closer.

I am still collecting, but being more selective in the items I acquire. Many years ago at a sale where Bob Stone was auctioning in Taree, I was lucky enough to buy an outstanding bronze figure of traditional Aboriginal men standing and looking out over their country. It was sculptured by Peter Sedcole and I feel he has captured the essence of the first Australians. It has held pride of place in one of our cabinets for the last fifteen years and it would be one of those items that I hope never to part with.

My adage for collecting is that when you least expect it the most interesting finds turn up. So, keep looking.

I love Australian history both indigenous and the early exploration leading to white settlement. Old artefacts and historical items are high on my priority list.

This hobby of collecting keeps you active (searching), keeps your mind ticking over (research and talking to many interesting people) and it is something that can be started at any age and can continue for as long as you wish. You are only restricted by your budget.

Remember, if you have items you are not sure of, I may be able to help with information and appraisals. Ring Rex – 0427 546 880.

I recommend collecting. Happy searching.



  • I wonder if you can give me an idea of the price for ‘Aboriginal tribesmen of the Western Desert’, bronze sculpture by Peter shown at the top of this page.
    Hans Sander

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