Chinese whispers…

A retired businessman friend recalled visiting heavyweight bigwigs in government in Beijing in the 1980s and being told. . . “Chinese are very patient people. We have 50 year plan and 100 year plan. First 50 year plan is Australia to be food bowl for China.” One can only sadly speculate on what they will have achieved when they meet their 100 year plan goal.

So Sydney house prices have hit the million dollar median. For the moment. What young people are going to afford these prices? It has meant some creative thinking. Did you read about the 17 year old girl who turned to crowd funding to raise money for a deposit? But not just for a first home, but an investment property on the Gold coast. She offered a couple of nights or a weeks accommodation in the apartment (depending on their donation) to her backers.

What were you saving for when you were seventeen?

And… on a similar theme… did anyone else spot the massive stretch limo with 14 Chinese businessman and one Sydney Real Estate agent sliding round a potential housing development in Old Bar? Offers have been made but it might be sometime before posh residential houses are erected for rich Sydenyites.

Someone has suggested the Martin Bridge be painted lavender to match the jacaranda trees.


  • When I was seventeen I was saving for an eventing horse! Never made it. Life took different directions.

  • re.Old Bar……would feelings & thoughts be much different if they were Russian,Arab or some other non English/Irish descended race ?

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