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Letter to the editor:

Although at opposite ends of the Manning Valley and showcasing not only the beautiful Manning River but also the ever changing seascape, it’s interesting that many people in Harrington have the same views about Greater Taree City Council as expressed in the first edition of the Manning Community News.  The reason being that we have experienced the same indifferent attitude as the people of Wingham.

Once we both had our own Shire Councils with mayors and aldermen caring wholeheartly for their local area.  When the Shires were amalgamated to form Greater Taree City Council the care was lost and bureaucracy took over.

Sure, we have the community consultations from time to time where we suggest improvements that could be made for the benefit of locals and to encourage tourism.  In the past Council’s response has usually been, “no money”, as in the case of Wingham.

They will often assure us they will apply for grant funding when available for a “study, survey or assessment” to be be undertaken   These are done mainly by consultants and are very costly.  Unfortunately, NOTHING comes of them. What is the point?

Hopefully, Council will apply for their share of the recently announced State Government funding made available for regional areas and get on with the job of improving the towns of Wingham and Harrington for the benefit of all.

The Harrington Community Action Group

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