Your Say…

Dear Editor

Vincent O’Donnell highlighted the need for the media to ‘filter out the dross, the lies, and deceptions in public discourse’ (Truth, Media, and Democracy.) While the importance of this is acknowledged, what Mr. O’Donnell fails to acknowledge is the connection between big business powerful interests and the media. Why has the Murdoch media suddenly changed its line from being a key climate change denier to a supporter of combatting climate change? A change in social conscience? No. Their sponsors are pulling out. My point is that all issues have a history, and the role of the media is to trace the truth of that history. However with such a level of competition between media outlooks, the push is for ‘short and quick current headline grabbers’ – there is no time to relate the historical circumstances that gave rise to the current issue under discussion, There once was a paper that did trace the history, It was called The National Times. It went bust because of a lack of sponsorship. “Only intellectuals and academics read this newspaper. They don’t have significant spending power. Why would I advertise in this paper?” Thank goodness for The Manning Community News!

Dr. Paul Kringas

Hallidays Point