On Sunday morning on ABC Radio “Australia All Over” there was a call from a fellow wondering why, with all the terrible floods everywhere and townsfolk mainly rescuing themselves or helped and saved by neighbours . . . why aren’t towns under threat being supplied defence force “Ducks” and Larcs…the old amphibian vehicles?

Another caller said these had all been sold off or dumped. Newer, better, fancier ones are being made and will be ready in a year or three. Seems pretty shortsighted to get rid of useful amphibious machines and then have nothing to replace them for years.

Like the ubiquitous AUKUS nuclear submarines which, if we must have them, could have been bought off the shelf.  By the time we get them at massive cost, underwater spotting drones will be able to locate the subs in no time.

The military needs practical women running the joint. Women are less likely to also have us in the middle of a war too. 

Just saying. 

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