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Collect for enjoyment, collect for knowledge, collect for the potential of future windfalls, collect to share and most of all collect because it is a wonderful hobby that lasts a lifetime.

At this time of the year, I enjoy the story of the three Kings (the three Wise Men) who visited Jesus at the manger, after His Christmas birth. The Kings background and story is an interesting one. Often when history is researched it is more curious than fiction. 

The Magi, also referred to as the Three Wise Men or Three Kings, were a group of distinguished foreigners who visited Jesus after his birth, bearing gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. Their names are said to be Melchior a Persian scholar, and King of Persia, Caspar an Indian scholar and King of India, and Balthazar, a Babylonian scholar and King of Arabia. The Three Wise Men (Kings) are part of the nativity celebrations of Christmas and are an important part of Christian tradition.

 One of my favourite carols at Christmas is ‘Joy to the World’. In these times of turmoil where the news is full of doom and gloom, we need to give joy and receive it. It all starts with us. ‘From little things big things grow’. Enjoy your family, your friends and your acquaintances, not only at Christmas but always.

I read a quote recently that is worth sharing – 

‘The most bitter tears shed over graves are for words left unsaid and deeds left undone.’ 

Have a wonderful Christmas season!

Uranium glass is glass which has had uranium added to the mix before melting occurs. The proportion usually varies from trace levels to about 2% uranium by weight, although some 20th-century pieces were made with up to 25% uranium. 

First identified in 1789 by a German chemist, uranium was soon being added to decorative glass for its fluorescent effect. James Powell’s Whitefriars glass company in London, England, was one of the first to market the glowing glass, but other manufacturers soon realised its sales potential and Uranium glass was produced across Europe and later North America. 

Uranium glass was once made into tableware and household items, but fell out of widespread use when the availability of uranium to most industries was sharply curtailed during the Cold War in the 1940s to 1990s. Most such objects are now considered antiques or retro-era collectibles, although there has been a minor revival in art glassware. Modern uranium glass is now mainly limited to small objects like beads or marbles as scientific or decorative novelties.

The normal colour of uranium glass ranges from yellow to green depending on the oxidation state and concentration of the metal ions, although this may be altered by the addition of other elements as glass colorants. Uranium glass also fluoresces bright green under ultraviolet light. Most pieces of uranium glass are considered to be harmless and only negligibly radioactive. 

The use of uranium glass dates back to at least 79 AD, the date of a mosaic containing yellow glass with 1% uranium oxide found in a Roman villa near the Bay of Naples, Italy, by R. T. Gunther of the University of Oxford in 1912.

A display of uranium glass in a blackened cabinet under a fluorescent ultra violet light is spectacular.

Don’t forget to visit and support our local antique haunts. In Taree, Barry at Isadoras in Victoria Street, Anna and Rob at Clancy’s in High Street and Col’s Second Hand in Commerce Street are all good places to drop in regularly and see what’s new. They are all friendly people and don’t mind a chat. In Wingham check out the wares with Sue at Delinquent Funk and Dave and I at Wingham Antiques and Old Wares both in Isabella Street. By checking in regularly you get some interesting buys as the interesting things that come into the shops don’t last. They are snaffled up quickly. 

I recommend collecting to all. Find the area of collecting that suits you or take the plunge and collect a wide variety of unique and interesting treasures. It is always fun, you are always learning and it is something that can be done for the rest of your life. 

If you have family treasures you are not sure of, I may be able to help with information, appraisals or sales. I love looking at old and interesting items. Ring Rex – 0427 880 546.

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