The Bight Cemetery

Council’s plan to prepare a beautification plan for The Bight Cemetery after completion of the repairs is in disarray. Again. Or rather, still ongoing.

Some kind local planted trees. They have been removed.

Since the disastrous and still somewhat secretive slashing down to the ground of the magnificent old cypress trees shading and providing privacy to the once beautiful Bight Cemetery, little has been done. The upheaval over the smashed headstone repairs continues, and as for the unnecessary removal of the trees, the community’s preference remains for the replanting of golden cypress pines along the front of the Cemetery but outside the fence to avoid any root damage to monuments. This would be in keeping with the Heritage of the Cemetery. Other suggestions include a memorial where unknown (location) burials in The Bight cemetery can be memorialised.

As the years drag on, why the planting of replacement Golden Cypress trees could not be undertaken in parallel with the repairs one will never know. Heaven forbid Council could do two things at once. 

Some local went to the trouble of planting trees, but they have been pulled out. 

It brings tears to my eyes each time I drive past into Wingham.  How the ancestors must be thrashing in their graves over council’s desecration and lack of care.


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