The Shortest History of India

John Zubrzycki

Black Inc. Rrp $26.99

Compact, packed with facts, figures, fascinating details… this fat little book holds thousands of years of colourful history told through the eyes of its mighty and many protagonists.

From the Harappan civilisation through the Mughals, Alexander the Great, the British and the Ghandis, Buddha and five thousand years of occupation to the present day (give or take a bit) we grasp just some of the texture, colour, philosophy, the art and culture of a dynamic and dramatic landscape.  

From Buddhism to Bollywood, India remains her own mystery in every sense. . . perhaps one has to be there to truly understand!

It’s difficult to decide where one should start and end a visit, as India is an eternal journey. But this Australian author is knowledgeable, entertaining, and obviously cares deeply about this mysterious, magical, frustrating and intriguing powerhouse from its poor to its powerful, it’s a land ever changing. 

It’s a powerhouse that packs over 5000 years of colourful and chaotic history into the palm of your hand. 

PS. If you go, try to see the Ajanta Caves.


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