Save Our Beauties!

Things are finally happening! Newly appointed Fisheries Minister Dugald Saunders has hit the sand running with a couple of law changes that are long overdue. Go Dugald!

Deputy Director General Sean Sloan recently announced that a slot limit for Dusky flathead, plus a reduced bag limit, will be introduced along with an increase in the recreational take of lobsters. The decisions, which I fully support, have been well researched and come as a result of consultation with the Recreational Fishing Advisory Council and the community. 

The recreational catch limit of Dusky flathead, which are considered as an iconic fish, will be reduced from 10 fish to 5 while a slot limit of flatties between 36cm – 70cm will also be implemented as of 1st August. An ‘in possession’ limit of 10 fish will remain.

I’m very pleased to report that responsible recreational fishers have, for years, voluntarily released all female duskies over 70cm back into the system so I’m confident the law changes will be widly accepted. 

The increase in the lobster take from 2 to 3 is as a result of the sustainable population over recent years. 

We eagerly await more decisions from the Minister’s office! 


Fishing writer, author and radio presenter John “Stinker” Clarke can be heard weekly, throughout NSW, on popular ABC Regional Radio fishing program “The Big Fish”. Check him out on or send an email to with your information and questions. 

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