Growing Up In Country Australia

Edited by Rick Morton

Black Inc.  Rrp $29.99

I grabbed “Growing Up In Country Australia” as soon as I saw Rick Morton. I didn’t notice the “Edited by”. 

I loved his “100 Years of Dirt” and anything he writes, especially his columns in The Saturday Paper.

But I was not disappointed to find this collection of personal stories of memories and anecdotes of growing up in the country was a delight that triggered many memories of my own.

Contributors include Holden Sheppard, Laura Jean McKay, Annabel Crabb, Sami Shah, Lech Blaine, Tony Armstrong, Bridie Jabour, Jes Layton, Lily Chan, Jay Carmichael and many more. 

Several stories mention or have the same theme as incidents on the school bus whch brought back memories for me. There’s bush settings, country towns and farms, droughts and mice plagues, there’s deeply emmeshed roots, and newcomers who found themselves in an alien landscape. Nostalgia, nature, naughty and nice, these personal reflections are like reading a letter from a pal. (Remember letters?) 

As well as bringing back memories of my own, it occurred to me you might have a memory or two to share!  If so do send it along to me. (Address on back of the paper.)


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