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Dear Editor

Since I moved into this area 2 years ago, eight huge beautiful trees have been destroyed on private property close to me. The huge size and significance of these trees has changed the place I moved into! When will it stop?

I designed and built my own beautiful house, and I know that the trees could easily have been incorporated into the design, even enhancing the value of the house.

I do not want to upset future neighbours, so I did not complain at that point, particularly as I thought Council had a policy protecting big trees against destruction.

What is Council’s policy, and they enforce it? How? Are intending constructors warned, and are new purchasers?

These now-missing trees disappeared overnight, and one doesn’t have time to complain or discuss. Air photos will show what is missing, so with climate change now acknowledged, why is such a policy not enforced? (Two were huge Terpentines, now rare, and not in the road of the house or drive).

The trees, no doubt home of much wild life, were there much before the land was purchased, and no doubt doing their share cleansing the air environmentally no longer!

Victor Cusack

Tallwoods Village

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