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To The Editor,

I am writing to you to share my experience with Taree Manning Base Hospitable Emergency Department. 

MBH has to be the worst hospital I have ever been to. My Grandfather contracted Cellulitis in his leg, and the last time he contracted this infection it nearly killed him, therefore we take it seriously. So I took my Grandfather to his doctor where his doctor gave him a referral to be admitted in the (MBH) to be given antibiotics until it healed.

When we went in we found the admin staff to be absolutely rude in a manner you wouldn’t speak to a dog. There was little help or compassion and we were told to sit down and wait. After 5 hours waiting they finally took my grandfather into the doctors room to take blood samples then discharged him to go home and to keep coming in for daily doses. 

When we told our GP this he was dumfounded and said they should have admitted him straight away. I  explained that my partner and I live 20 km out of town on a property and she has to work so we find it hard to juggle to get him into town. Other family members live over 100 km away and the only way in to hospital is for him to drive himself which carries great risk. in its self I found the care factor was zero to nothing at the Emergency ward. 

I find MBH a total disgrace I understand COVID_19 is in our community but there are people with other health problems that need help as well. And we still need to look after our elderly.  

During the time waiting in Emergency, I saw patients dumped in a chair in the waiting room to sit for hours and no one came out to check on them. Others that got fed up risked driving to Port Macquarie hospital to find better care.

Our hospitable needs a good shake up to provide better care and compassion to our community  

Ricky Gilfillan

Cedar Party

(The General Manager of Manning Base Hospital, Jodie Nieass says she is shocked and will look into the matter. Ed)

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