Sometimes It’s Books that Make It A Home!

During the last flood June Farrawell’s home in Wingham was devastated by floodwaters.  She lost everything in the house especially her precious, practical and sentimental possessions.

Among her losses was a collection of your Editors’ books. With time on her hands before picking up the pieces to start over, she wanted to read her favourite novels which, she says, always take her to somewhere else in Australia.

Local friend Ricky Gilfillan whom June has known since he was a little kid, popped in to see me and asked if I could replace some of the books, which I was happy to do and signed for June.

June has been existing with a few bits of secondhand furniture and household items. But she says compared to many she still has a roof over her head so she’s lucky.

Now June has told me she found an old bookcase which she’s had varnished and the top shelf has my books in it so “it feels like home.”

I am very touched. Happy (re)reading June!


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