I couldn’t agree more with the plea to save our town of Wingham eloquently and passionately expressed by Di Morrissey in The Manning Community News. For a long time I and many of my friends have watched in dismay as many of the beautiful  characteristics of our wonderfully unique town of Wingham have been slowly but surely unravelling before our eyes, aided in part by some insensitive and often outrageous decisions made by our council ( think the “bedpan”water fountain for one). Heaven help us if more of such proposed “ideas” go ahead. 

We need enlightened council members with strong voices dedicated to the aesthetic advancement of this lovely town with ideas which both reflect its heritage and enhances its sensitive and prosperous future direction. Wingham is now a multicultural and eclectic town, full of quaint and richly diverse offerings, but is rapidly becoming another ho-hum town of mundanity. It has so much more to give.

Judy Finch

Cedar Party 2429

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