Dr. Simon Holliday


 would say 90% people are fearful of being vaccinated. We all see on TV the catastrophic impact of this disease overseas. We hear how UK and US have dropped deaths with vaccinations.  52% UK adults are vaccinated and they just had their first day without a COVID death since mid-2020.
We have forgotten the first wave and the fear we had before Xmas when we had potential exposure throughout Forster from the Northern Beaches tourists.

99% of the World is battling death and disease, we would be foolish to presume that we won’t see this terrorist virus roar back again. This is more likely as we have such low testing rates and a shambolic vaccine (non-) roll-out to nursing homes and the under 50’s. 

GPs who offer the vaccine are very community minded as it is bulk-billed with funding based on a 4-minute or less appointment. Many practices deem it non-viable as practices have had to:
•  recruit a workforce 
• have doctors, nurses and admin staff all do 6 hours training plus updates•  Buy vaccine fridges
• Arrange logistics for 15-30 minute supervised post-vaccination waiting times for every patient
•  Draw-up/label vaccines
•  Document it all
• Upload details to AIR (Australian Immunisation Register)
•  Arrange 12 weeks follow-up shot
•  Arrange flu shot after appropriate delay
• And most of all deal with the fear and apprehension. Everyone believes the vaccine could kill them. Consent processes have to acknowledge the miniscule risks.
And all remuneration to GPs assumes the above takes under 5-minutes! People who contract COVID-19 are also 100 times more likely to experience Blood clots (cerebral venous thrombosis) than the general population, a new Oxford University study has found.

The more of us who are vaccinated the safer we will be.

So, go get the jab!

People who contract COVID-19 are 100 times more likely to experience blood clots (CVT)

COVID vaccinations and testing: available at the Taree Respiratory Clinic.

For those aged 50 or more, Astra-Zeneca vaccinations are provided 8.30AM-10.30AM weekdays. The COVID vaccine eligibility checker  gives simple steps to book directly with hotdoc.com.au

For those eligible, we COVID test from 11AM to 1PM weekdays. If you or your loved ones have warning signs such as coughing, sore throat or fever or have visited a hot spot, please book via www.hotdoc.com.au

These free services may also be accessed by phoning 6516 2043 from 10.30AM-1PM weekdays. Access is up the Butterworth Lane, not via the adjacent HealthHub entrance. 

Help protect yourself, your family and our community by not delaying vaccination and by early testing.

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