Our people are being arrested, tortured and slaughtered by a Military dictator and his followers who are police and soldiers. We have many proof that soldiers change their uniforms to avoid international attention. 

DI Morrissey and Ven Wiza at the school she established outside Mandalay in 2011

I am 40 years old and have lived with fear and hatred since I was 8 years old. I still remember that day in August 1988, when soldiers came to search our house with guns. I did not know what they were searching for, but my grandmother said the police and soldiers were not trust-worthy persons. They can create drop something illegal out of their pockets accusing you that you had stolen and you must be arrested. 

From the 1st of February 2021 I feel that fear and hatred again as the wonderful feeling of freedom and security from 2015-2020 when our national leader Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and her party governed our country with respect and care has now gone. 

Daw Suu, our president and Union ministers were detained and the military robbed them of the power to rule the country.  We feel hopeless and helpless despair as we have noone to lead us.. Internet is cut off every night so that we cannot let the world know what’s happening. So we go out on the streets to protest peacefully shouting slogans such as We need Justice, We do not accept military coup, Free Our Leaders and Respect our votes. 

Our votes are crucially important as the coup leader insists the result of our recent election is a fraud. The people won by a Landslide  (82%) and there is no proof that it was fraud. 

We protest everyday on the streets and in front of UN offices and embassies. The people of Myanmar are so united that one can be tearful with respect. Thousands of protesters are on the streets and hundreds of people prepare food and water, offer snacks and soft drinks which we all share. At the end of the day, we go home leaving clean and empty roads /streets. Myanmar people used to throw litter everywhere before 2015. But during these 5 years when the people’s elected government was ruling the country with respect, love, compassion, and wisdom, we learned and studied how to be a good and respectful citizen as we  experienced security and the freedom from fear. 

But now I am scared as the soldiers come in our houses and shoot with no reason and in the streets  kidnap and beat the people for no reason. At night the Military Coup followers shoot into houses so we guard in the streets holding metal pots and  and rods. When they come in, we beat the pot to let everybody know that they are coming but we must hide or be shot in the head. We are exhausted by protesting in the day and guarding the house at night. But we will fight till the end to breathe without fear and for my younger generation to grow up with freedom from fear and security. 

We have to uproot this Military Coup system. We need justice. Our trusted group CRPH meaning Committee Representing Pyidaungsu Hluttaw is organised by our elected Union Ministers who we trust. With their tireless working, we can let the UN know what’s happening in Myanmar and at the same time make the terrorist group or Military Group illegitimate in south east Asian countries and the world. 

We are risking our lives to get back what we has been stolen from us. I know that my life is not safe anymore but I don’t want to live under Military boots with fear and bullies. I would rather die fighting our freedom and security. 

When I see this Gen-Z is losing their lives, fighting and running away from armed terrorist groups, my heart is broken and full of tears as they are 14,16 to 25 years old and few over 30. They should be in the classroom or online class studying for their future. 

I have never been upset and depressed helplessly and hopelessly like this time before. Our lady, the lady of the whole nation is detained. Our future is in her hands once more. Every night I am scared when it gets darker in the evening as terrorist come into our houses armed and angry. 

Dr.Sasa, the special envoy to the UN appointed by our CRPH called for R2P (Responsibility to Protect) and the military families who live in Yangon to move to the capital. They are worried for their lives. 

In 2011, after our Lady was free from long-term house arrest, I learnt about freedom from fear and justice and the rule of law. Daw Suu could talk in public and  travel inside the country and abroad and accept her Nobel Prize for Peace.. 

In this 2021 Spring Revolution, to uproot 60 year old Military dictatorship we Myanmar people are united and unified. Now we have known true freedom we must not be silenced and tortured. We have to teach our younger generation that corruption is shameful and rule of law must be equal. 

The police and soldiers are brain washed and the more you are cruel and brutal, you will be promoted as higher officers. The higher your rank the better your chance to corrupt and to bully or kill. This is the system of Military dictatorship we had for 60 years old so it takes time to uproot and change.

Myanmar people across the world and inside Myanmar search for the military generals related family members to isolate alone cutting all their supplies. We have also started the boycott to their products. And the most important of all, civil servants are on CDM, civil disobedience movement to stop the whole system of military Junta’s administration. It is working so well. We know that the social punishment is not practiced in Democratic system but if you see your innocent and unarmed people are slaughtered or beaten to death before your sight, if you want justice for them, if you want to demolish this bullied and brutal society, you have to change . 

All of us who want justice are doing our best to restore freedom and security.  Many Myanmar people call our leader Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, ‘Mother’. Our mother Suu loves flowers on her hair as everyone knows. 

I tell myself ‘Mother, we miss you so much and we are plucking beautiful flowers for you to wear in you hair when you come back’. 

(I have withheld my Myanmar friend’s name for his own safety. I first travelled to Myanmar after Daw Suu was released from house arrest in 2011. She believed that education for her people was the way forward. So I established a school in a village outside Mandalay with the help of a Monk, who has sadly died. However the school we built and which I still support, flourishes. . . for the moment.  DM. Editor)

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