Dear Editor,

Every month I look forward to picking up the current edition of the wonderful Manning Community News!

I have read every issue of this wonderful paper since day one five or six years ago, and this one is a real eye opener, with many interesting articles about happenings in this wonderful part of Australia.

I was absolutely horrified after reading the article about thoughtless, ignorant council vandals destroying a very old shade tree in Wingham, which was planted many years ago in the town park.

Dr. John Stockard, the saviour of Wingham Brush happened to come across council workers destroying the tree, even after he tried telling them it was a special tree they made out they knew better, saying it was a weed.

I would have thought council could have learned some sort of lesson after destroying old, heritage trees in the Bight Cemetery, and after vandalising so many headstones in that cemetery.

Dr.Stockard is an expert where trees are concerned, but the drongo council tree destroyers ignored his plea to save that tree.

It really is time for those in charge at council to wake up, and take more care and responsibility.

Gary Hayes


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