We have been contacted by concerned ratepayers at the on going disastrous state of our roads, the rain hasn’t helped of course, but all over the place are very dangerous spots which haven’t been repaired in weeks or months. 

The Brushy Cutting Lookout on the way to Wingham from Mondrook has had locals concerned for weeks. A temporary piece of plastic was pinned up above the long fall to the river flats below, but it keeps coming down or is pulled down by the local vandals who make a habit of causing havoc around and in Wingham with impunity.

A tourist steps through the broken barrier to take a photo on a rainy day

Council wouldn’t want to be responsible for a nasty accident I assume. Of course they fall back on the reason there’s no money for funding repairs.  

But from what we have heard about the fit out at what locals refer to as The Tin Shed (formerly the Masters building)  some gleeful suppliers are ringing up big sales. It seems Council is not skimping but going top range for many fittings inside … from the highest grade granite bench tops in the kitchen and café. 

And why a café? 

The cafes of Taree must be thrilled at staff and visitors to Council eating and coffee-ing in the Tin Shed and not up the road in town.

Instead of fitting out a palace to the hoi polloi of council, trashing cemeteries and damaging heritage trees and despoiling the riverside at the Brush, maybe some crumbs and dollars could be tossed towards doing a few basic things, like street repairs, fixing sidewalks, signage and removing trash and weeds and overgrown grass around the place. 

It’s all very well to talk of attracting people and businesses to the area, and sucking up to developers, but it’s not a good look when these small but important and dangerous repairs are let go. 

The first lawsuit against council for a busted leg or worse might be a bit of a wake-up call as well. 

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