One of the greatest gifts in life is that of becoming a mother.

Nothing compares to the moment when your newborn child is placed in your arms for the very first time. 

But it’s not a gift guaranteed to every woman.

The act of falling pregnant, growing a baby inside the womb, and delivering him or her safely relies on a sequence of miracles that don’t always align.

Every day, women experience devastating loss and heartache caused by infertility and pregnancy complications. For some it may be through miscarriage or stillbirth, and for others it’s an inability to fall pregnant altogether.

But where there is heartache, a silver lining often follows. And in Beck’s case it did. One night at a party, completely out of the blue, a woman offered to be her surrogate. 

That beautiful soul turned out to be my childhood friend and neighbour Leonie, whom I hadn’t seen for more than a decade, when she reached out and asked me to help them tell their story.

Here was a woman offering to give everything of herself to help another couple create the family they thought they would never have. It was the ultimate act of love – a miracle gift to a friend.

We are constantly bombarded with sad, bad or terrifying news across mainstream and social media, but I believe we need to focus more on the good.

We need to share and celebrate more positive, uplifting stories to remind people just how much kindness exists in the world.

This is the story of two friends; Leonie, aged in her 40s, married to Pete with three grown-up children; and Beck, aged in her 20s, who has a rare syndrome known as MRKH, born without an uterus and unable to ever carry a child. So Leonie offered to be Beck and Brodie’s surrogate.

Here was a woman offering to help another couple create the family they thought they would never have. It was the ultimate act of love – a miracle gift to a friend.

A little ray of sunshine

With the support of her husband Pete, Leonie and Beck’s shared journey began, ending with the birth of Briar.

This story shares a narrative of two friends;

a story of friendship, love, sacrifice and selflessness – but above all it’s a story of hope.

It’s been an honour sharing this miraculous journey with them both, and it’s reminded me yet again, that goodness always prevails.

Whether you’re looking to travel the surrogacy path yourself, navigating your own fertility issues, riding the highs and lows of parenthood, or simply someone who loves a happy ending, this story will fill your heart and soul with joy.

Leonie Canham (Not Leonie the surrogate.)

Writer and Editor “The Splendid Word.” 

“A Little Ray of Sunshine”.  A story of Love Hope and Friendship, is available www.alittlerayofsunshine.net or it can be found at the Old Bank Centre Newsagency in Nabiac.

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