It’s bad enough in the cities, but now the NSW Government has decided to withdraw funding for Regional Arts NSW over the next two years. 

This means that funds will disappear for Art and cultural projects like those under the umbrella of Arts Mid North Coast.  

We asked for a comment from some of our Arts Administrators, but they ducked for cover afraid of more possible cuts to their budget. 

This is further “dumbing down” by this government who seem to regard the arts in all forms as an unnecessary indulgence.  Footy, of course, is not.

That it continues to slash funding for media ( the recent PING funding for regional media for example, saw the bulk of the bucks go primarily to one rich corporate group) and universities, plus cultural and creative institutions, shows where their donor dollars are directed. 

During this constrained time of COVID it’s been the artistic and creative pursuits whether alone, on Zoom, online to learn a language, play an instrument, try art classes, dance or binge on movies and streamers, or chilling with a good book, proved it is the Arts which sustain us. 

Even ardent fans grew weary with, or the lack, of  favourite sports on the small screen.

Let’s not get started on the mega bucks paid to the likes of footballers and their tribe. 

The decision–makers who thought this one up, and the pollies who agreed, must be pretty dull people with no imagination, and probably boring company.  

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