Now is the time to collect the past and invest for your future. Invest in history, invest in knowledge and invest in your own enjoyment. Enjoy a great hobby that will last you a lifetime. 

Now is a great time to collect antiques as prices are not strong and  bargains are there to be had. Like all things, antiques have their troughs and peaks but they always come back into vogue. 

Now is the time to get out there and find! Remember to visit our local haunts – Barry at “Isadora’s” in Victoria Street Taree, Don and Kate at Antique Solutions in Muldoon Street Taree, Clancy’s Second Hand in High St Taree, Sue at Delinquent Funk in Isabella Street in Wingham also Dave and Rex at Antiques and Old Wares Isabella Street in Wingham. 

If you wish to go further afield, The Coliseum Antiques at 118 Maitland Road in Mayfield (Newcastle) has around thirty different dealers, each with their own selling space. 

Remember too, our wonderful Regional Museum, in Bent Street Wingham. It survives through donations and people coming through the door. Please visit and you will enjoy a great experience. Allow lots of time as there’s much to see.

Unfortunately, still not much happening in the line of markets and fairs, but I note a few local garage sales are starting up again. 

I was contacted through the week and told that an Estate auction is being organised for the 13th December, at Taree Showgrounds. Keep the date free.


There are many keen collectors in our region, many who are into the wide ranging field of bottle collecting. Bottle collecting has long been a hobby and even a passion for serious collectors. Many of the most desired bottles have historical significance and all tell a tale of years gone by. Bottle manufacturing history is fascinating and bottles being collected are often unique works of art. From stoneware to glass and even old labels, the collectability is endless.

Collectors also put a lot of physical effort into expanding their collection. Digging into the earth, searching in creeks and rivers and delving into old dump sites, often bring rewards. Different bottle styles will be discovered in different parts of the country based on where the bottle manufacturing took place and the types of bottles. 

Old Saxby & Coleman bottles (local manufacturer since 1864) are well sought after by locals.

The most popular bottles for collectors come from the 19th and early 20th century. Bottles from these eras are loved for their impressive shapes, unique colours and historical significance. Collectors seek out the most prized bottle design. While rare marks, colours, shape, typography and bottle design count towards value, it is the condition of the bottles which matters significantly.

There are many factors which makes certain collectable bottles stand out above the others including the manufacturing date, the shape, typography used, the style of glassmaking used, glass colours, base types and finishes.

There are also general categories of bottle types being collected. These types may include: milk, soda, ink, beer, ginger beer, chemical, perfume, liquor, snuff, general household and apothecary bottles, to name a few.

If you are looking to get into bottle collecting, plan to spend time visiting auctions, estate sales and online sites to learn everything you can about a particular bottle type or bottle manufacturers. The more you know, the keener your eye will become at finding value in a bottle.

Please keep safe. Do what you can to protect yourself and your families during this difficult time. Adapt and enjoy the life we have at this stage. Life can change in the blink of an eye!

 If you have interesting antique items you are not sure of, I may be able to help with information, appraisals and/or sales. I am still collecting and I love the history and stories of old  and unique items (from old shed goods to household gems). Come and say hello at our new shop at 12 Isabella Street in Wingham, right next to the Newsagent. 

Happy collecting!

Phone Rex – 0427 880 546

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