On a lighter note. . .

This new and easy test for the horror of the COVID 19 virus is provided free of charge and it’s simple, quick and positive (or negative if you see what I mean) test you can do in your home.

Take a clean (very important) glass and pour a decent dram of your favourite whisky into it.  Check then if you can smell it.  If you can, that’s a good sign and you are halfway there.

Then take a sip. If you can taste it then it is quite reasonable to assume you are currently free of the virus because the loss of the sense of smell and taste is a very common symptom.

I tested myself 17 times last night and was thankfully, virus free every time.

I have further decided to test myself again today because I have developed a throbbing headache which can also be one of the COVID 19 symptoms.

I’ll report my results later.

The Hillside Critic 

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