So much for the promise from Paul Toole, the former Minister for Local Government, that the amalgamation of our three local councils into the MidCoast Council would bring down Council’s administration costs. The table below tells the tale!

Financial Year Staff Cost Increase
2017/18 $68.757 M     (Actual)
2018/19 $74.418 M     (Actual) $5.661 M
2019/20 $80 M    (Budget Est.) $5.582 M
2020/21 $92 M    (Budget Est.) $12 M
Total $23.243 M

An increase of 33.4% in four years; if only our wages grew this fast. 

These Staff costs do NOT include all the outside Consultants that Council drags in to come up with facts and figures, plans and ideas which run into the millions of additional dollars. Nor is the staff “overtime” costs included which are also quite considerable.

With such a huge staff why does MidCoast Council actually need so many consultants? Why don’t we just hire smart qualified people who know what they’re doing in the first place. 

Wouldn’t be anything to do with herd cronyism and itchy backs would it?  

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