Our skin is the largest organ in the body. It helps us by regulating temperature, protects us from harmful microbes and bacteria and promotes the sense of touch, and the feeling of being hot or cold. 

But the skin does so much more than that. It is our self- esteem, our confidence, our overall health. 

So what can we eat to assist skin to look good but feel even better?

Most people understand the importance of drinking enough water in the day but to a beauty therapist dehydration can be seen in the skin. It presents as dullness, itchiness, sunken eyes and the increased incidence of fine lines and wrinkles. 

The skin is always a reflection of our internal health, so imagine what this is doing to our insides. Drinking enough water will assist with healthy bowel function, optimal muscle performance, youthful looking skin, assisting with our immunity, and is the first and most critical step in looking good and feeling even better.

Our diet is now more important than ever. How we look and age can be influenced by what we eat.  Below is a list of superfoods to help maintain the healthy function and vitality of your skin


Making fish a regular addition to our diet will help skin health. Fatty fish such as Salmon is high in omega 3 fatty acid which assists our skin in retaining moisture and keeping the skin supple. Dry skin can be caused by a limitation of the Omega 3 fatty acids. These acids also help to reduce the onset of inflammation and may reduce your skin’s sensitivity to UV damage. 

Fish is also a great source of vitamin E which can help the body fight free radical damage. This powerful anti-oxidant will also help in inflammation which can reduce the severity of acne. Fish also contains an abundance of the mineral zinc, which reduces inflammation, promotes new cell growth.  A limitation of zinc in the skin can contribute to delayed wound healing, increased acne. 

It is so simple to add a little can of salmon to your lunch box. Your workmates may joke about eating cat food as they do with me, but know that you are contributing to your skins health and vitality.


Avocados have a significant amount of both vitamin E and Vitamin C. The benefits of vitamins are critical in maintaining healthy skin function but it is interesting to note that when you combine vitamin E with vitamin C it creates a powerhouse to assist in the production of collagen, help reduce the visible signs of aging and will help the skin fight UV damage. All it takes is about half an avocado to equate to between 10-15% of your vitamin E and vitamin C intake.

Nuts and Seeds

Sunflower seeds and walnuts are a great source of fatty acids which your body is unable to produce on its own. They are packed full of both omega 6 and omega 3 and contain zinc, selenium, and protein all which vital to healthy skin function and wound healing.

Sweet Potatoes

The humble sweet potato can do so much for our skin. It contains Beta Carotene which naturally occurs in carrots, spinach and sweet potatoes. Once absorbed this nutrient aids in the natural defence in the fight against harmful UV radiation. Is helps to defend against dry, sun damaged and even wrinkled skin. An excess of Beta Carotene will give your skin a healthy glow. Sounds like we may all need to include Sweet Potatoes into our shopping the next time we go to the shops. They’re easy to grow too! Though tend to take over.


We all understand that Broccoli is good for us but it has been discovered that Broccoli boasts an ingredient called Sulforaphane. This ingredient has been used in the fight against skin cancer by limiting free radical damage. Tests have concluded that Sulforaphane may limit the death of cells impacted from UV damage by as much as 29%. Not only does Broccoli contain wonderful benefits for our skin but it also can assist with boosting collagen levels, and also contains zinc, Vitamin A and Vitamin C


Tomatoes have been documented to assist with many health concerns but in the terms of skin health, they can revive dull skin, reduce pores and fight cellular damage from sunburn. Tomatoes have also been known to improve the skin texture by removing excessive oils from the skin. Simply mix the juice of  fresh tomatoes with cucumber and apply with a cotton pad. This combination will leave your face feeling fresher for longer.

Dark Chocolate

Well there is no doubting that dark chocolate assists with skin health with all the chocolate indulgence masks and facials that are on the market these days. It may assist moisturising the skin, protect the skin and assist with circulation, help with healing of scars, reduce fine line and wrinkles, decrease stress levels, packed full of nutrients, can improve your skin complexion.  

Red Grapes 

One of the primary ingredients found in red grapes that can assist the skin is resveratrol. This
ingredient has been proven to assist with limiting the visual signs of aging, able to impact on acne and is a wonderful source of vitamin C and vitamin E. There is a difference between red grapes and red wine and it is claimed that red wine does not offer the same comparative health benefits to your skin as red grapes. 

Green Tea

Once limited to China, Green tea has been used for centuries to help combat many ailments from headache to depression. It works as a natural skin toner, promotes hair growth, protects against sun damage, helps create shine in your hair, shrinks open pores in your skin and can be used as an exfoliant. Green tea is a good source of antioxidants and just having a cup a day can help fight the visible signs of aging, even reduce acne. 

To look good and feel even better is all about balance. Too much of any indulgence can be just as problematic as not having enough. Many of the foods mentioned above help protect us from UV Damage so if we limit our time in the sun the problem of UV damage to our skin would be minimised in the first place. We can eat all the correct foods and still present with problematic skin, yet if we harness the benefits of these foods coupled with a healthy lifestyle, diet, exercise, and water intake, we have done everything we can do to look good and feel even better.


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