In the tiny fishing village of Nelson Bay, Dimitrios Georgis Karageorgis was known by all as “Kerosene Tin Jim” and became a legendary character.

The community respect and admiration was earned, not by heroic deeds or great achievements but by being a caring, compassionate man, generous and cheerful.

“Kerosene Tin Jim” was reliable, honest and could always be depended upon when help was needed. He was what we call – a real good bloke.

There are many theories as to his acquired nickname. One was because Australians had difficulty pronouncing Dimitrious Karageorgis. Another was that he used kerosene for all medicinal purposes. Then yet another was that his kerosene lamp was used as a marker at eight for all boats returning to Broughton Island from the wide reef.

“Kerosene Tin Jim” is the third book in an ongoing series written by John “Stinker” Clarke and wonderfully illustrated by local artist Ileana Clarke.

The books are unique in that they are based on true characters and true events. John is of the belief that “you are never too young to appreciate history.”

And if you ever want to hear a good yarn. Sit down with John “Stinker” Clarke.

Contact Stinker below for a copy of his book.

Fishing writer, author and radio presenter John “Stinker” Clarke can be heard weekly, throughout NSW, on popular ABC Regional Radio fishing program “The Big Fish”. Check him out on or send an email to with your information and questions.


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