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PM Morrison has announced lots of money to go to Councils to enhance Recovery. He obviously is unaware of what goes on at MidCoast Council. What will our PM do to ensure the money is spent on jobs for locals to rebuild and replace what is now lost. It must be a priority that our Council and it’s employees get on with their supposed service to Ratepayers and that the millions in both Government and donated funds be used to create and support the community, not to prop up the current ineffective system. 

There has been little evidence of this around Halliday’s Point and Rainbow Flat of our Council, who is still pushing a $40 mil +, centralised Council project which a majority of the Community do not want. My family saved their house, though their property at Rainbow flat was burnt to a crisp, animals saved, fire plan in place. They have sorted themselves out, gone to work and helped their neighbours, though they did get a delivery of water as they had used all their tanks. 

The RSF Rainbow Flat and Diamond Beach did a magnificent job in the worst hit area around us, Council “helped” Manning Road closures, but were mostly unaware what was going on. My families access is via Old Soldiers Road, which I wrote to the Council about in October 2019 with no response. Let us hope our Mayor and his community deaf Council are not the deciding vote in what this money will be used for. I have noted the green Koala drinking tubs from Port Macquarie along Old Soldiers Road and the Volunteers who are caring for what’s left of our wildlife, not our Council. It would be interesting to know exactly what they are doing and more importantly plan to do at this time.

Robin Billings. 

Halliday’s Point.

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