Reading between the lines…

The wrinkles on your face says a lot more about a person than you may think. 

Just like unlocking a safe full of treasures from the past, your wrinkles or “lines of maturity” as my Dad says, offer a snapshot of who you are. Once you’re aware of what they mean you will never look in the mirror or at anyone else the same way again.

The skin is the largest organ in the body and can assist with understanding what is happening on the inside. It is quite common for a person with a disease or illness to have a change of skin condition. For example, a person that has a liver complaint my have a yellowing of the skin. This is caused by an increased level of bilirubin which is a yellow-orange bile pigment which occurs when red blood cells break down. 

As a qualified beautician, my job is to make people feel better about themselves, usually by reducing stress and increasing self-esteem. When a client arrives in the salon, I take very particular attention to their skin because I know once stress is reduced the skin will change texture/colour and wrinkles tell me so much about a person.  Where they hold stress, and most importantly how to remove it. 

Marma Points

For over 2500 years the Chinese have been credited with the earliest record of Marma (Acupuncture points) which dates back to the Yellow Emperor’s internal book of medicine from the Han dynasty. There are 107 Marma Points around the body and are considered centres of energy which can be manipulated to aid in relaxation and increasing health and well- being. If a mama point is sluggish you will notice an increase of wrinkles leading to that Marma Point. This is usually caused by that dreaded words  Worry or stress. 

Massage that pressure point and you will achieve the deepest form of relaxation for the client and the wrinkles will almost dissolve in front of your eyes. A client arrives to the salon with pronounced crow’s feet which almost certainly means that the client has a blockage or sluggish temporal Marma Point.  After a consultation with my client I learn this person is an ambulance worker and is quite often a witness to life altering trauma. What this client sees with her eyes creates significant stress and builds up in her face creating more pronounced wrinkles. Without balance, through diet, exercise and meditation these wrinkles may even cause headaches and can even lead to illness. 

Reading A Face

There are any factors at play when talking about peoples’ lines of maturity. Smoking and sun damage are two of the biggest factors that affect our skin. Smoking breaks down collagen and elastin levels causing the most pronounced wrinkles and long-term sun damage can actually make your face droop. The two areas of focus for a beautician is puffiness and wrinkles. Puffiness is usually caused by a build up of lymph which is fluid lying just under the surface of the skin. This is our bodies primary way of removing toxins and limiting the spread of disease. Just like puling the plug out of the sink, once the lymph nodes, or drains, are opened through massage the build-up of toxins is reduced 

The next time you see someone who is angry take one second to forget about what they are angry about remove all the tension, emotion and drama and just look at their skin. What you will see is a map where pressure builds up. The lines usually lead to a Marma point which is sluggish or slow causing a build up of pressure. This pressure builds up over time increasing wrinkles. The person will have no idea that you are actually reading their face from their wrinkles.

The skin is one measure of our internal health. It is dynamic and always changing. A good measure of evaluating someone’s skin is ask someone close to you a sensitive question and instead of listening to the answer which is controlled by the conscious mind look at the person’s skin.  Like this morning I asked my daughter, “Is this your lolly wrapper”? She replied, “No it is not mine Dad”, however her skin colour changed to a very light pink on her cheeks which I know means a chemical change in the body as capillaries move closer to the surface of the skin to reduce heat –  an emotional response to stimuli.  My daughter is telling me a fib. Don’t expect the conscious mind to always tell the truth. A  more accurate measure is to look at the internal responses of the sub conscious mind.

The Facial

Most people think that a facial is a great way to improve the natural skin condition by increasing moisture back into the skin and removing dead skin cells. This is correct but after performing hundreds of facials on people I can tell you that it does so much more.  Combining Marma Point massage, superficial lymphatic drainage massage and the best skin care range we can find, will not only give the client beautiful skin but reset their soul.

When pressure is reduced or even removed the clients’ responses are startling. Some clients say it is like “waves crashing over my face”, “floating over the ocean”, or one client said it was like she was levitating off the bed! This experience of removing a build up of tension by Marma point/Lymphatic massage is one of the most potent forms of relaxation I have learnt in all my years of study! Come and try it! 


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