Dear Editor, 

On Thursday 5th September I enjoyed hearing fellow-movie lover Don Howard’s entertaining talk about his 50 years of experience with local cinemas, which continues today. The next day as I read The Manning Community News August issue, movie titles kept popping into my head as I slowly digested the unbelievably Dumb And Dumber story IS COUNCIL DEAD AND BURIED?, an apt heading for our arrogant, inept and, seemingly in their thinking, inscrutable council. 

What they did to the Bight Cemetery was inexcusable in the extreme. I kept seeing pictures of a Mad Max smashing historic headstones and cutting down beautiful old trees. 

May The Blight On The Bight Group have The Power Of One knowing the rest of the community shares your disgust and indignation about this shameful act of vandalism.

Thank goodness we have our own Erin Brockovich in Di Morrissey and the MCN to remind us each month of The Sting of our council wasting A Fistful Of Dollars and A Few Dollars More like it was Groundhog Day. The Wolf of Wall Street Breese Parade thinks ratepayer dollars are The Money Pit. Our Justice League is not just 12 Angry Men, it’s most of the 90,000-plus Ordinary People who pay rates and Come September next year will ensure councillors other than Good Fellas Peter Epov, Jan McWilliams and Kathryn Bell will be Gone Like The Wind because Frankly my dear (council), we DO give a damn!   

John Buttling


  • Well said John, in the true Hollywood (Movietone) tradition..Well chosen movie titles as well..

  • Thank you John. We need more standing up as one voice to this event caused by council & get the word out for the
    end of the month Wednesday 23rd,Oct Council meeting at Gloucester Council Chambers (89 King Street). This is not just about the council fixing their destruction but it not happening elsewhere without the proper requirements in place beforehand that will not happen without an external investigation which 4 councillors now have convienently recinded into The Bight Cemetery. The community deserve to rest in peace after a lifetime of ‘toiling’. Council apart from those mentioned above have truely forgotten the values of what we are world widely known for and our ancestors taught us in values to be.

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