Many fish visit at certain times of the year. Right now it is the holiday season for tailor and salmon. Although I am a fan of tailor, particularly slow smoked, I really can’t get too excited about salmon. 

Apart from the fact that salmon are a good fighting fish and that they make great fish cakes, not much else can be said. Numerous recipes have been tried without any positive results. Interesting to note that the fish swim in a giant circle that includes New Zealand, Victoria and the South Coast. 

Our Kiwi neighbours call salmon kahawai and they considered a top eating fish. In Australia, over 80% of the total commercial catch of salmon, on the East Coast, is taken south of Sydney. Generally, the fish are consigned to lobster bait which is big business on the West Coast.

Right now you can do battle with the tenacious salmon on all the headlands in between. Silver lures cast and swiftly retrieved will do the trick along with pilchard baits.

Don’t be surprised if tailor join the party as they regularly swim with salmon. They are mates.

John “Stinker” Clarke


Fishing writer, author and radio presenter John “Stinker” Clarke can be heard weekly, throughout NSW, on popular ABC Regional Radio fishing program “The Big Fish”. Check him out on or send an email to with your information and questions. 

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