Collect the past and invest for your future. Enjoy a great hobby that will last you a lifetime. 

Now is a great time to collect in the antiques line as prices are not strong and bargains are there to be had. Like all things, antiques have their troughs and peaks but, they always come back into vogue. 

Now is the time to get out there and find treasure! Remember to visit our local haunts – Barry at “Isadora’s” in Victoria Street Taree, Don and Kate at Antique Solutions in Olympia St (near Taree Railway Station), Grant at Wingham Antiques in Isabella Street, and Sue at Delinquent Funk in Isabella Street in Wingham.

We are having some painting done at the moment and we didn’t realise how much we had accumulated until we had to re-organise everything for the painters. A big job! We decided to do a bit of culling along the way.

Some upcoming events:

Australian Antique Dealers Association Antiques Fair – Sydney on the 22nd Aug until the 25th August at White Bay Cruise Terminal, 2041 James Craig Road, Rozelle. 

24th Quota Coffs Harbour Antique Fair. 24 Aug 2019 to 25 Aug 2019. Location: Exhibition Hall, Coffs Harbour Showground, Pacific Highway, Coffs Harbour. 

Petersham Stamp, Coin and Banknote Super Fair (Sydney) –  29th Sept. 2019. Location: Petersham Town Hall, 107 Crystal St, Petersham.

Taree Antiques, Old Wares and Man Cave Auction. Includes a large collection of motoring memorabilia (enamel signs, embossed oil bottles, tins, oil racks with signs and with bottles  … also Furniture, Fine arts, Bank Notes and coins. Farm Memorabilia, Collectables …..something for everyone. Taree Showground on Sunday 22nd September. Starts 10am with viewings on Sat. 14th & Sat 21st Sept –  8am until 1pm. Sneak preview:- website. 

The auction at Taree Showground has a myriad of interesting wares, with a 1940s Dentists Compressor (that ran the drills and polishers) with a large glass dome enclosing the motor, a WWI cannon jack for replacing wheels on horse drawn cannons, a couple of original 1940s framed wall posters from Currabubbula Pub (for Tooths K.B. & Stout beers), a wonderful old walnut chest of drawers/secretaire where the top draw folds out as a writing desk and a wonderful collection of motoring memorabilia. 

I recommend a come and look-see!

Banknotes are a really interesting collectable to get involved with. There are many advantages to starting and building a currency note collection — not least of which are the aesthetic reasons: banknotes are, of course, bigger than coins or stamps and often feature very beautiful, colourful and bold designs. Designs, especially in the last 20-30 years, have become showcases for a country’s culture and history. 

Australia’s bank notes have seen a wide variety of changes in their relatively short life. What’s interesting about the first Australian banknotes is that they have only been produced for less than a century. The big change came on the 14th February, 1966, where we changed from Pounds, Shillings and Pence to Dollars and Cents. Then we changed from paper to polymer. 

People like to collect early runs or last runs of a series, different signature changes, colour variations, commemorative notes ….. the list goes on. 

Banknotes are easy to store and can be easily set up in albums.

Australian Coin & Banknote Values is considered one of the go-to guides on banknotes that Oz paper money collectors should make use of. This book is updated yearly. 

Whether you’re an advanced collector or just getting started, you can access some of the latest information and the guide contains over 1,800 photos.

The $10 1988 specimen was one of the first polymer banknotes in Australia, which has given it unprecedented value. In fact, it sells for over $17,500 these days.

Happy collecting. Get out there and make your finds and enjoy.

If you have items you are not sure about, I may be able to help with information, appraisals &/or sales. I love the history and stories of old and interesting items. 

Phone Rex – 0427 880 546.

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