Independent Candidate Jeremy Miller . . .

A strong local member, focussed on local needs, can help people navigate government services and departments, help local groups take their issues to ministers and bring a profile to promote the region to businesses, tourists and investors.

My commitment –

I know that climate change is real and we need sensible policies to deal with it. The time for silly scare campaigns is over.

We need a Federal ICAC to deal with the corruption and clean up our politics.  It needs to be setup properly and it needs real teeth so we can end the dodgy dealings.

Federal Assistance Grants to local councils need to be overhauled so the money goes to the regions that need it.  That means better roads and better local services in regions like ours that desperately need it.

The Uluru Statement asks for a “coming together”, for a “fair and truthful relationship” and for a “better future for our children”. Other countries (like Canada and New Zealand) have found ways to work respectfully with their original inhabitants.  It is time for us to do the same.

Our community has incredible things going for it but it is not backed up by strong representation from our leaders.  Our region is being left behind, we’re missing opportunities and we can’t afford another three years of being ignored.
It is time for a change in Lyne.  I have lived here since the 90’s, I’m raising my young family here and we can’t afford our region to be ignored and left behind any longer.

I have the experience working with large and small businesses and with Local, State and Federal Government to deliver projects for communities.  With your help, I know we can do better.

I don’t answer to any major party, I don’t answer to any vested interests or shady backrooms, I only answer to you – the people of Lyne.  Other communities are seeing the change that a true Independent can bring. Let’s work together by putting our community first.

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