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Who’s responsible to we ratepayers at MCC??  

If you had concerns about Council’s Unreasonable Complaints policy, like me, if you’ve tried complaining about an issue to Council you may be worried about the same aspects as myself,  including

  1. Unreasonable Council decisions and how we can argue against them without being labelled ‘unreasonable’. 

  2. Council’s opaque management systems which makes it very hard to find out who has what roles and responsibilities. 

  3. Subsequent lack of action.


I sent a letter to Council GM Adrian Panuccio asking him to inform my resident’s group who is the Director  of Our Compliance department and if they have appointed a Compliance officer, a position that seems to have been vacant for a long time. Getting this information  has been a big concern for me and my Rainbow Flat neighbours as we now feel that our on-going complaints have not been heard or processed in an orderly and fair manner.  

I went to see Taree Council and asked whom I should direct my mail to in the Compliance Department. One of the receptionists said that they had eight people working in the compliance Department. I asked who was in charge? Who is the Coordinator within the Department?  And she said, ‘We just divvy them out between them!’ I then said ‘So no one is in charge?’ The other receptionist said quietly that she’d better go and ask. She came back and said I should direct my mail to Bruce Small.

I have had no reply from anyone in Compliance re my concerns about an illegal quarry near us. My next door neighbour has also sent letters in regards to the process of the DA development  at Rainbow flat and had zero response.


Susanne Devereaux.

Rainbow Flat

(We called Council and after waiting for the receptionist to make enquiries, we were told the Compliance Officer is now Adam Farrell. Ed.)

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