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Dear Editor,

Attending the gathering of at least 300 people outside the Foster Council Chamber and then the Council Meeting which followed, I was shocked and dismayed that the majority of Councillors totally ignored the overwhelming  Community opposition to the Centeralisation of MCC under one roof at the old Masters site which was purchased without consultation relating to  such a strategy.

It was indicated by Councillor McWilliams that the Council at the time were told of the purchase of the building as an asset, it was not revealed that the Councillors were aware that interest for purchase of the site was already being considered by a job producing private company, if they were, what was the motive for the Councils overbid?  Who actually made the decision to put such an enormous land mass Council under one roof in a basically Rural Community? as this was not seen as an intrinsic part of the  original Amalgamation strategy.

During the Council meeting the Mayor and several of the councillors indicated that “the staff” were in favour of this centralisation, that is not what the community are hearing first hand, as we all live in the same communities where the “staff “ reside and currently work.  Which “staff” are they, a few Executives or the majority of the hard woking, courteous and always helpful people we in the Community come in daily contact with.

The volume of  public speakers against the the Councils  plans for the Masters site, were well informed and had gone to both previously ignored and up to date  Council correspondence, which showed the Council to have no real understanding of what they have put intrain. The 4 councillors who spoke in favour of a completely new and independent investigation, tried on several occasions to get the Council to rethink in terms of  what the Community are asking for. 

It was interesting that there were no Public Speakers in Favour of what the Council proposes

Alas !! what motivates closed minds?

Robin Billings

Hallidays Point.

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