Delicious vegetarian fritters

from Elisha at EJ’s Bistro, Wingham Golf Club 


Makes 12

Corn Fitters

4 Fresh corn cobs, Scaled to kernals

1 diced Spanish Onion

2 cups all purpose flour

250g Ricotta cheese

1 diced red capsicum

1 tablespoon Vegeta (a substitute for salt & pepper)

4 Eggs

Avocado & Sweet Chilli Salsa

1 diced avocado

1 diced vine ripened tomato

1/2 diced Spanish onion

30g diced fresh parsley

1/2 tbls Crushed Garlic

1tbls sweet chilli sauce

Fritter method

Peel and wash your fresh corn cobs ( you may use 3 tins of corn kernels if preferred) scale your cobs into kernel into a large bowl add all other ingredients and mix well. Heat pan with a tiny drop of olive oil and drop in half cup measurements of mixture. Fry each side until golden brown. Sit to rest aside until all your corn fritter batter is cooked into fritters and firm.

Avocado salsa 

Dice all fresh ingredients into a bowl, add your sweet chilli sauce and mix well. 

Top your corn fritter and enjoy.

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