Dear Editor, 

note you have invited readers to contribute “say your piece” (December edition). So despite the obvious left-leaning content of your paper I thought I might provide some balance.  (Go right ahead, Terry.  However I object to the left leaning comment! We report what happens and all viewpoints are given space. Sorry if they don’t match your own but we welcome all comments. Ed)

I note firstly the constant canning of an industry that has provided the backbone for our standard of living today. A fact apparently ignored by our current generation.

Likewise the constant hype associated with climate change issues which neglects the facts and the ability of this country, whatever our good intentions, to make a significant difference to the outcome of what is cyclic change. 

Water sources have not dried up as forecast by the doomsday oracles and inferred by you and while drought is currently prevalent this is not a new occurrence. In fact rainfall has increased over much of the continent. Similarly renewables while desirable do not and will not come within cooee of providing sustainable power in our lifetime. Meanwhile school children too young to understand, without direction from our “educators,” strike while concentration on their other essential life skills is ignored.

Sadly too a forward looking and hardworking State Government may well be ousted because of the failure of its’ Federal counterparts and the welfare vote and the gains evident in infrastructure improvements will be lost. What short memories the voters have.

Federally if Labor is elected the surplus which the Libs have begun to claw back will vanish, as it always does in the name of greater welfare handouts and wasted expenditure on the mistaken “instant” demand for renewable energy. Taxes will increase as a result and the influx of supported refugees will increase the pressure on the remainder of the population.

Yes we do live our lives in a pleasant if sheltered area away from the many difficulties experienced in the cities, but one which is also crying out for employment opportunities for our unemployed youth.

Keep smiling; I do love to read your paper if only to keep abreast of local contentious issues and in a vain attempt to understand the mentality of your predominantly socialist thinkers.

Yours Sincerely,



Ps. By the way I am in full agreement with the battle against the Masters aquisition.       

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