Hair Loss

As many of us have realised, the festive period has been a time where we have added a few kilos and when we look  the mirror we start to realise the long road ahead to getting our weight under control.  What was a really good time only a few weeks ago is now  leading us to feel uptight and self conscious about our body image. The emotional impacts can be profound. This is the same feeling that someone may experience if they are dealing with hair loss. 

What are the facts

Hair loss is a condition that effects both men and women and is caused by genetic predisposition in almost 90% of cases

36% of women over the age of 30 will experience some form of hair loss

40% of men will experience some form of hair loss from the age of 35

60% of all hair loss sufferers would rather have a full head of hair than money or friends

Propecia, Minoxidil and Low Level Laser Light Therapy are the only clinically proven and medically approved methods for the treatment of hair loss from the FDA.

Exclusively His Hair Salon/Regaine (survey of 5000 hair loss sufferers)

The Growth Cycle

Hair has three distinct growth stages

Anagen – This is the active growing stage of the hair and can last anywhere from 2-7 years. Growth signals and nutrients enter the hair though the blood stream creating a fine wispy hair like baby hair. Over time the new hair becomes thinner which is why we lose hair as we age

Catagen – This period last about 7-10 days and signifies the end of the Anagen stage. The hair itself separates from the papilla at the base

Telogen – This stage lasts about 100 days. The resting hair will be pushed out by a new Anagen hair


There are options available to people who are suffering hair loss. 

When visiting a salon the first step is to have a consultation to try and understand some of the factors that you are experiencing. 

The hair grows by receiving vital nutrients from the blood stream which means if we can stimulate blood flow to the hair or scalp we should be able to positively impact on hair growth, providing there are no other factors contributing to the hair loss. 

The easiest way is when you are washing your hair to spend an extra time massaging your head when using conditioner. This will stimulate blood flow to the scalp which over time may impact on hair growth. To power up this process use a Peppermint Shampoo and Conditioner. The peppermint creates an intense scalp stimulation to assist with hair growth. This is one of my favourite products I recommend to people with hair loss/thinning issues.

There is evidence to support that the Modere liquid collagen can also assist with hair production although in my experience this will impact people very differently. Some people will experience significant improvement whilst other will notice minimal improvement.

Some professional agencies have been able to positively impact on people’s hair with strand by strand implants and although the results are very good the price tag often renders these services out of reach for many of us. 

At a recent hair expo I spoke with a Doctor who performs hair transplants and I asked her how much would it cost for me to have a full head of hair she replied $15 000. (18 months ago)

Hair Extensions

For people with thinning hair who want longer hair or to thicken their existing hair,  extensions may be the best way to have that full head of hair look without the huge price tag. In a salon many clients opt for this method who have undergone recently completed chemotherapy and have only a small amount of hair.   

Vidahair extensions are the only form of hair extensions that can be performed across the parting and around the hair line which can’t be seen.  They are the best quality extensions we have been able to find and have proven to be very popular in our salon.

The hair extensions are suitable for men and women. They use Indian Remy hair which means from a single donor and has a medulla, which means the hair maintains it’s integrity through washing, styling and even dying. They are attached by a patented bonding glue that adheres to the strands of the client’s hair.  After the extensions have been applied the hair can be dyed within 48 hours and will require maintenance every 4-6 weeks.

The results are seamless and are not able to be seen. I have tried this system myself to ascertain the quality of the products and they produced remarkable results that you do not get from any other form of hair extensions.

Strip extensions are also very popular with younger clients. These are applied underneath the hairline so they can’t be seen and hang below their existing hair length. They are a great product for a specific event and most suitable for client with long hair. They are not suitable as a longer term option. 

High Frequency Machines

Another way salons are tackling hair thinning and hair loss is to use a high frequency machine. This unit uses either argon or neon gas in an electrode that is in contact with the skin. This contact produces and alternating current which ignites the gas producing electrical healing energy. The unstable oxygen is converted to ozone which has wonderful germicidal properties. This machine has many electrodes including a hair rake which would be recommended for hair loss/ thinning. 

The benefits include

Increased circulation

Increased cellular metabolism

Improves moisture balance of the skin

Calms sensory nerve endings

Localised warmth

Stimulates circulation  

This machine has many electrodes including a hair rake which would be recommended for hair loss/ thinning.

Come and see us, for further information.



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