Dear Editor,

No doubt you have received a great deal of comment regarding the purchase of the Masters building on Manning River Drive, by Midcoast Council. Most of the community whom I have spoken to in everyday conversations regard it as the most stupid, underhanded, unnecessary action by a government body supposedly representing the community.

Just lately I was part of a conversation with a variety of people present regarding the financing of the proposed new office complex in the Masters building, whereby the staff will be relocated to the building at a cost estimated to be around 13 million dollars! Some of these costs will be met by selling existing office complexes.

Borrowing millions will be funded by Ratepayers and any further expenses from Council funds will also be provided by ratepayers!

I am sure Gloucester and Forster residents will be SOOOooo pleased to have to travel to Taree to conduct council business and attend meetings! Let alone the staff travel!

Personally, I think it would make a very impressive indoor sports arena with very little capital investment by comparison and would also be of great benefit to the sporting community of the MidCoast area. It is a facility which we are lacking and would probably serve a much wider area than ours. I have discussed this with sports acquaintances who were blown away by the idea and thought it would be well supported.

Thank you. Our community has great faith in the work you do in keeping us informed of the facts.

Rosemary Probst

Old Bar

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