Stinker Launches another book

Stinker has many talents! He’s published four books and I was honoured to launch his latest children’s book – “The True Adventures of Clarabelle”. It’s a true story based on the 1955 floods when a cow was washed down the river and out to sea to be rescued and taken to Broughton Island. It’s a charming story with lovely illustrations by Illena Clarke.

Also present was Leonard Connelly who actually met Clarabelle when he was 15, back in 1955!

Interestingly, at the book launch at Port Stephens, I met Leonnard O’Connell, who remembers as a young nipper meeting the real Clarabelle in a paddock after her big adventure back in ’55! 


It was a lovely day, and Stinker and his family are just lovely! 

Di Morrissey


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