The most frequent question I am asked – “Are there any sharks in Port Stephens?” – hoping that my answer will be – “No, there are no sharks here”. The truth, of course, is, “Yes there are!” This honest answer brings a fearful reaction. 

In fact we had a shark processing  factory in the Port until 1933 when we ran out of sharks. Well, not all the sharks, as discovered by Tracey Sweetman on a mulloway excursion in the deep water off Middle Island, Soldiers Point.

Fishing with Game Fish champion Peter Silcock Tracey hooked a thumper. The battle was intense with strained muscles, nerves and line. Close to the surface, the battle was nearly won, when – cruncho! Something even bigger and scarier attacked! Then a heavy, lifeless weight as the line was wound to the side of the boat.  A 20kg mulloway, reduced to crab bait in seconds. Peter’s summary of events suggests that a three metre  shark was responsible.

Yes, there are sharks in the water – that’s where sharks live. 

(That’s very philosophical, Stinker! – Ed.)

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