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In an unexpected about face the Taree RSL Sub-Branch has made a unanimous decision at its September meeting to conduct this years Remembrance Day service at the Memorial Clock rather than the car park at Club Taree.

Remarkably, it is reported that the CEO of the Club [who is not an ex-serviceman] has objected.

Prior to the mid nineties when a long spell of wet weather threatened its commemoration, Remembrance Day was always held at the clock. During that wet period a plywood cenotaph was constructed, placed in the old Taree RSL Club and the ceremony conducted indoors.

The clubs cash registers indicated that this was a most delightful move so pressure was brought to bear to have future commemorations held inside the club, much to the concern of the wider community.

This concern was valid as it meant that those attending had to be checked in through the front door thus excluding it as being a function freely open to the wider community.

Community members such as Eric Richardson OAM and Warwick Murray have voiced their concern in the print media over the years however the interests of the club have prevailed against public opinion.

There are those who say that the commemoration was always held at the club, however these apologists are people who have moved into the district after the mid nineties.

Warwick Murray

Oxley Island

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