The benefits of seaweed

The benefits of seaweed are quickly becoming one of the most popular ingredients in today’s cosmetics.  The ocean is a wealth of mineral substances and are concentrated in the cells of seaweed to produce a cocktail of elements to assist with firming the skin, increasing elasticity, improving metabolism and cellular function.  Some vitamins and minerals are in their highest concentrations in seaweed.

When looking at  purchasing advanced skin care there are a myriad of options all boasting on how they will  leave your skin feeling amazing. To get the best results with your skin the focus needs to be on promoting skin health and skin function. When you look closely at the surface of the skin it is full of pits and troughs. Some skin care products only serve the purpose of filling in the gaps they feel amazing and smell beautiful but do little to assist with the healthy function of the skin. They can actually work to impede it.  The fragrance used in skin care products is quite often an oil and as an oil it will coat the surface of the skin to limit the penetration of nourishing skin care ingredients. It goes without saying that many of the nourishing skin care ingredients are water based. There must be a harmonious balance between how the product feels on the skin, how it smells and how it actually works which can pose some of the greatest challenges to cosmetic companies.

Who is Algologie?

Algologie is a company based in Brittany  on the North Coast of France that has been on the forefront of algae and seaweed based skin care for the last 30 years. They understand the harmonious relationship between customer demand and maintaining responsible management of the resource to ensure that it there is plentiful supply for years to come.  Like swimming in a fresh mountain stream, these products infuse the wonderful benefits of nature to promote skin health and vitality to produce some of the best results we have seen in researching advanced skin care. 

The location

There are over 650 different species of seaweed in Brittany and it remains  a pollution free site as classified by C.E.V.A. This is imperative in offering the best quality in skin care. The salt content is extremely high as much as 39 grams per litre which can indicate the remarkable nutritional and antibacterial properties of their products. To maintain optimal nutritional value of the seaweed the water needs to be cold, very cold. The average water temperature in Brittany is only 12 degrees.  Unlike the Manning River, the tidal flow moves an amazing 14 metres every 6 hours which helps to nourish, oxygenate and stimulate the seaweed for optimal nutritional value.  

Nutritional value

These seaweeds and marine algae are so high in nutritional value that they are almost a complete food on their own. They are a wealth of nutrients including minerals, fatty acids, Omega Oils and contain over 40 active ingredients, trace elements, Vitamins, Proteins, Oligo Elements, Essential Fatty Acids, and Mucopolysacharide. The Nutrients found in algae ad seaweed are able to replenish deficiencies found in the body. Marine algae and seaweed is very similar to our blood plasma which is why it is so easily absorbed into the body. The vitamins aid in the functioning and balance of the body, Minerals help to regulate our metabolism and assist in our development, and trace elements quite simply conduct an orchestra of life.

The Results

It is one thing to see the benefits of marine based skin care on a person that does not actively use skin care – the results are amazing. But with a teenager, with stage 2 acne and a meticulous skin care user? The Remineralising facial gave results that were more impressive, the skin was calm with even skin tone, the products danced together to create tranquillity, just like the reflection of an undisturbed lake.  The Remineralising facial uses the elements of the sea to nurture and promote skin health  and creates a foundation for further treatments to aid in specific skin conditions like acne, anti-aging and skin pigmentation.

Red Algae

TIP  For those teenagers struggling with acne on their skin remember picking your skin will create scarring. Your hands are not clean and you will promote germs and bacteria to whatever they touch. Wash your hand in antibacterial hand wash then with dry hand place a tissue on the pustule a use light circular motions. This will encourage your body to either bring it to a head or to dissolve or break it down back into the skin – without scarring

What are the health benefit
from eating seaweed?

Seaweed and algae  are a primary food group for many fish in the sea as it has the ability to absorb nutrients from the ocean and is far more common in Asian countries. It can be used in stews, sushi rolls, salads, and even shakes. Science is quickly coming on board to recognise the health benefits from eating seaweed.

Ingesting seaweed assists thyroid function. Your thyroid gland is responsible for releasing hormones to control growth, reproduction, energy production and assist with repairing damaged cells in the body. For the healthy function of the thyroid, your body requires both iodine and an amino acid called tyrosine both of which are abundant in seaweed. The concentrations vary considerably from where it is grown as 1 sheet of dried seaweed can contain from 11% – 1600% of the recommended daily intake of iodine.

It also offers a wide variety of vitamins and minerals and omega 3 fats which is a good source of vitamin B12. This can be best utilised by sprinkling over a salad to add  texture and to increase your recommended daily intake of essential vitamins and minerals.  Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant which assists the body by reducing free radical damage which is a leading cause illness and disease and improving skin function. The carotenoid Wakame found in brown algae is 13.5 times stronger in antioxidants than vitamin E and the fibre concentrations are higher than the fibre content found in most fruit and vegetables to support the stomach and gut health.

Seaweed also contains and ingredient called Fucoxanthin which has been shown to release a protein that helps to metabolise fat. This can assist with weight loss. The results are very promising however more testing is needed to substantiate the correlation between weight loss and seaweed.

Seaweed has been used for centuries and has benefits for the body both inside and out. It should be used in moderation as it can be difficult to measure the potency.  

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