It’s rose season!

Roses are some of the most romantic and classically beautiful flowers that we grow in the garden, but the number of choices can be mind boggling. Choosing a colour is a great place to start, but it’s important to select a rose with a habit that suits your situation too.

At Wingham Nursery, we have 1000+ roses to choose from in peak season. There are many aspects to take into consideration when selecting the correct variety, so it’s quite easy to be overwhelmed! So, hopefully, these steps will help you narrow down your selections as to which will perform best for your desired use.

Step One: The first step in deciding which rose to buy is to determine how you want your garden to look, and the purpose of the rose. For example, do you want it to climb along a fence, be the border of a garden bed, be the display at the front of your house, or will it be planted in a pot, as a feature or mass planting?
Step Two: Consider the area you will be planting the roses in. Will there be enough room for the rose without over-crowding the growth or root systems?
Avoid planting too close to established shrubs, trees and other roses, as overcrowding your plants can cause many issues such as competition for sunlight, water and nutrient. Remember whatever grows above the soil is mirrored below the soil in the root growth (just like a tree).
Roses need at least 6 hours of direct sunlight per day, preferably more, although in shaded areas roses will still grow.  The quantity of the flowers will diminish with less sunlight.
Step Three: The next step is to decide which category of rose will have the best growth habit for the look you wish to achieve. You can read about the different growth habits below:

Climbing- Climbers and ramblers are tall-growing roses that need support. Perfect for covering a strong metal frame, pergola or arbor.

Floribunda- Floribunda blooms appear in clusters and give a mass of colour over a long period. Most grow to 1.2m high and 1m wide in a dome shape, with lots of flowers on shorter stems all over the bush. Very spectacular in the garden, and most can be picked and admired inside, they just may not last as long, and have shorter stems.

Hybrid Tea- These are the most recognized roses. They grow in a V shape to 1.5m high and 80cm wide. The base of the bush will have a skeleton of branches, the middle is generally leaves, and the top will have long stems and the beautiful cut-flower type bloom.

Standard- A standard rose that has been grown to the shape of a ball resting above a single stem, usually 60-90cm tall. They look fabulous in formal gardens, and are a great way to add roses that look to be instantly established.

Miniature- Generally the smallest of the roses, with flowers that are less than 5cm across. They are usually less than 50cm high, and can be used in pots, as edging for a garden bed, or in rockeries.

Last Step: Choose a variety within the category that you like. Take note of the various specifications of each variety, such as growth habits, flowering habits, bloom colour, and fragrance.

There is a rose for nearly every purpose and function in your garden. You are limited only by your imagination!

We have roses arriving all throughout winter, and we have just received our first delivery for this season. So, come and take a gander at some of the brand-new releases and the good old- fashioned favourites today.  However, if you’d like the largest choice and availability, we recommend returning in July to see our complete collection. As soon as the roses arrive, we pot them, prune them and display them in their colour categories.  And, as always, if you’re unsure or would like some advice on how to grow the perfect rose in your garden, come and see one of our team, or give us a call on     6553 4570. We’re here to help!

Happy gardening!

Caitlin Sawyer

Wingham Nursery & Florist

5 William St WINGHAM

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