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To the Editor
RE: Grangewood Avenue, Tallwoods Village, Hallidays Point

Our road, Grangewood Avenue, has now been closed for over two months due to a huge hole caused by the recent heavy rain. I contacted Stephen Bromhead’s office to lodge a complaint, and was told today (7/5/18) that there is nothing they can do as council has to apply for emergency funding, which could take forever. How incompetent is our council that they can waste millions of rate payers’ money on a new Palace, but can’t afford to fix a hole in the road. All the residents have to travel an extra 3 kilometers just to get out of Tallwoods, which is totally unacceptable, especially in case of an emergency. Someone in authority should take a serious look at how this council is run. They have been elected to look after ratepayers and not their own egos and whatever else might be going on.

From a disgruntled ratepayer amongst many others – Ray Reisberger

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