Keep an eye on your neighbours

There has been an alarming increase in rural theft in our area, especially in isolated areas. 

Ute damage

While individuals can take as many precautions as possible to secure their properties, one of the best options is the eagle eye of neighbours, watching out for each other.

The Taree Police didn’t want to answer any questions we put to them, as they are planning to release a media statement,  pertaining to rural theft, we were told. However, neighbours and small communities are taking matters into their own hands, forming groups, and holding meetings to discuss  rural security in their area.

‘Neighbours for neighbours’ seems to have the strongest appeal.

Let your neighbours know if you’re going away.  Arrange to visit neighbour’s properties, to check on things. If you see a stranger in the area, stop and chat to them, assess why they’re there. Take photos of strange vehicles parked in your area.

There is also a growing desire to re-instate a presence at Wingham Police station.

This is the upsetting scene! One owner returned home to find his orderly storage shed had been broken into, and comprehensively trashed. He is still discovering what has been stolen. Thieves tried to get his ute going, in order to steal a generator and a ride-on lawn mower. When they couldn’t start the vehicle, they smashed it.

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