Chorizo, potato and eggs traybake

This is a lovely, easy dish for Autumn – it even looks Autumnal! It’s easy to primp this dish to vary the flavours and, depending upon what you’ve got in your veg box – sweet potato or pumpkin work well instead of potatoes, just cook them for 10 minutes less at the beginning. And, to make the meal even heartier, add chicken thighs in with the potatoes at the beginning. Cheers, Neil.

Prep 5 min Cook 55 min   Serves 4


1kg baby red waxy potatoes, quartered lengthways
60ml olive oil
4 garlic cloves, peeled, 2 crushed and 2 thinly sliced
1½ tbsp thyme leaves
Salt and black pepper
½ tsp sweet paprika
200g cooking chorizo, cut in to 5mm round discs
250g cherry tomatoes
250g baby spinach
6 large eggs


Heat the oven to 220C/425F/gas 7. Put the potatoes in a high-sided, 20cm x 30cm roasting tray or oven dish. Add three tablespoons of oil, the crushed garlic, thyme, a teaspoon of salt and plenty of pepper. Toss to coat, then roast for 20 minutes, until they start to brown. Stir in the chorizo, tomatoes and sweet paprika, and roast for 20 minutes more.

Heat a tablespoon of oil in a large frying pan, on a medium-high flame. Once hot, fry the sliced garlic for one to two minutes, until it starts to brown. Add the spinach and a pinch of salt, stir for two to three minutes until the spinach has completely wilted, then remove from the heat.

Once the potatoes, chorizo and tomatoes have finished cooking, dot the spinach mixture randomly around the tray. Break in the eggs, and sprinkle them with a generous pinch of salt and plenty of pepper. Cover the tray with aluminium foil and bake for another six minutes. Remove the foil, bake for a final two-four minutes, until the egg whites are cooked but the yolks are still runny, then serve at once.

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