Calm winter blues

Have you been feeling stressed, low on energy, unwell? Just not quite yourself?

We all seem to have a busy lifestyle, so we don’t have time to be sick or unwell. Most of us go straight to the chemist to purchase some cold and flu tablets when our families are sick, but there is another more natural way to help the body fight off infection and disease, and restore our natural energy levels.

The primary structure in our body’s immune system is the lymphatic system. This system is responsible for removing excess fluid, bacteria, viruses and cell waste from the body. When the system is working well, the risk of illness or disease is lowered, and your energy levels are maintained. You are in balance.

Underneath the surface of the skin, there is a complex network of capillaries that removes waste from the body. Just like the roots of a tree, these vessels start off very small and become larger, until they hit a checkpoint that filters  the fluid and kills the viruses and diseases that can make us sick.

The fluid inside this network is called lymph, and it only moves in one direction. Unlike other structures of the body, it has no engine to drive it. This system is reliant upon a person’s movement to help fluid or lymph move to these checkpoints, which are called lymph-nodes. Therefore, people that have an active lifestyle will help the body move the lymph, reduce the impacts of disease and help maintain the natural balance in our bodies.

The SLM massage or (Superficial Lymphatic Drainage Massage) acts as the engine to push the lymph to the lymph-nodes. It can help lower toxins, reduce puffiness, aid in relaxation, lower blood pressure, increase muscle tone.

At Cherry’s at Tinonee, it is now our most popular massage.  We can also link the massage to specific body ailments with the use of essential oils, such as lavender in the massage oil,  which can help people with insomnia.

SLM massage can be done on just about everyone, if you have been feeling unwell, are recovering from an injury or surgery, have swelling or are just feeling off-colour.  The SLM massage is a highly regarded method of naturally detoxifying the body, and restoring the body’s balance.  Working in conjunction with positive lifestyle factors, the SLM massage can help to improve your overall health.

It’s also very relaxing, an ideal way to pamper yourself!

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