Your say – It is sometimes hard to love our Council!


Our lives are controlled by many organisations. These include The Federal Government, The State Government, and the Municipal Council. Some consider that we are over-governed. If one layer were to be abolished, it would be State or Local, obviously. I suspect that, if a poll were to be conducted, then most would like to see the Local administration removed. In my case, although I see some good work done locally, I have a major bone to pick with our council.

The Greater Taree City Council no longer exists, as it has been amalgamated with Great Lakes and Gloucester.  Was this a good move?  Only time will tell. However, it is already obvious that the Mid Coast Council wears broadly the same spots as its predecessors, particularly those that the GTCC wore. These spots, in action, show that, if the council could eliminate all pools, tennis courts, art galleries, the Manning Entertainment Centre, and all other recreational and cultural activities, then it would be in its element. Indeed, available resources are scarce, and competing interests cannot all be satisfied, unless rates rise, and/or more resources are provided, in the form of grants, from both federal and state coffers. The council has certain vital actions to pursue, these include roads, bridges, planning and environmental issues, and general management of the community that it is required to serve. This is the sterile framework. The framework to make a community prosper, however, canvasses all of the activities that give colour, and nutrition of the soul. This framework includes sporting, cultural and other recreational activities, that do not suit the council’s cost recovery mentality.

It is said that “Man shall not live by bread alone”.  I paraphrase this concept by saying that “The citizens of the Mid North Coast can not exist by roads, bridges and (sometime) onerous planning decisions alone”  I appeal to the council to consider the overall amenity of our community, rather than take the view that a colourless community will discharge its obligations.

B. Dudleigh



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